Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BYE-BYE BIRDIE! (not the musical)

Yay! My bedroom is back together! Kev and I made quite the team trying to get that done. The furniture is solid oak and pretty heavy, and I was super worried that we would scratch my beautimous new floors. Lifting that stuff isn't possible. We have those little glider things to go under the corners, but I was even afraid of those on the floor.

So this little genius (me!) thought of using blankets under the glider thingamabobs and then sliding the dressers. It took some finagling, but it worked. Then it was just a matter of dusting off the 6 or so inches of dust on everything and putting the drawers back in. It all looks so nice in there. Now if the guy would just finally come and do the ceilings, we would be completely done with that room.

Tinlee seems more comfortable about the bedroom now that the furniture is back in. We have a rubber backed bath rug that we're using right now in combination with the bedspread. She's getting better about it. At least she'll walk on the floor so the bedspread isn't spread out from the bed all the way to the door.

It still amazes me how unconcerned people are about getting jobs done. Our construction guy, Tony, was on the ball, though. As usual. He and his worker showed up and built the add-on to the garage in a day. He was waiting for the doors to come in, and those got put on yesterday. It's going to be so nice moving the big stuff out of the garage and having some extra room in there.

Kev also put our new toilet in our bathroom, so no more potty in the living room. We are classy folk now. I'm seriously in love with that damn toilet. I just think it's awesome. I know, I know; it's just a toilet. But I really, really like it! 
I wasn't going to show anything we've done until it's all finished, but I'm showing the toilet.
Like I said, love it. I'm so glad I took so much time finding the right one. I'm glad I spent the extra 100 bucks for this one. Cuz' it's awesome.   And yes, I fully realize that it's weird to be this excited over a toilet. Don't care.

Today when I went home at lunch, Kevin advised me that one of the baby Robins had fallen from the nest. Now, I don't know much about Robins or when they are ready to leave the nest, but I was in a panic, especially when I found out the poor little guy was just roaming aimlessly around the garage because he couldn't figure out how to get the hell out of there.

He showed me where he was over in the corner by the closed garage door. At first I thought maybe I should try to catch him and put him back in the nest.  I decided against that idea and told Kev to try opening the garage door just a little bit so I could try to get him outside. He managed to open the door a little without disturbing the nest on top of the garage door opener, and I shooed the little guy/girl out the door. It didn't seem able to fly, and it hopped off and went under Kev's car. I guess when we weren't looking, he left there and I assume hopped off into the woods.

So now I was a panic. The poor thing can't fly, so now what? Then, just because I'm not always quite so bright, I climbed up on the ladder to look at the three remaining babies, and another one popped out of the nest! This one flew over onto the deck. I couldn't see it land, but Kev said it kind of hit the house.  Great. Now I'm in a double panic. I walk up to him on the deck, and oh, damn....it's just so frickin' cute! He sat there for a minute and then kind of flew over to the back door steps. And there he sat. That's where he was still sitting when I went back to work.

I figured my first job when I got back to work was to look up what Robins do at this age. I told Kev that if it was still sitting in that same spot in a half hour, to try to get him to move over to the woods.  Meanwhile, throughout this entire 1/2 hour span, the mom and dad are furious. They are bitching at us the entire time we're outside.

When I looked online, I discovered that once they have feathers, they do leave the nest, and mom and dad still take care of them for a few more days before they actually start flying.

Whew! Sigh of relief! I don't have to worry about where they ended up because mom and dad already know and are continuing to feed them. Nature is wondrous.

By the time I got home from work, the other two had also left the nest, so now Kev gets his garage back.  I did snap a few pics of the second babe that left the nest.  I love how he's looking at me with attitude here.
This evening when I headed out to the front yard, the other momma that has a nest in the shrub flew off, so I snuck a peak at that nest. And here's what I found!
I'm guessing by now the third one could very well be hatched, too, but I have to stay away from being a lookie-loo for awhile. 

This is a hurry up mani I did last week. I don't remember why I ended up being in a hurry, but I was. Maybe I waited until too late at night and didn't have the time to put any thought into it.
Not a fail by any stretch of the imagination, but I seem to be doing a lot in oranges lately. At least it feels that way, probably because I have another orange mani in my backup blog post pics.

The base on this one is an American Apparel, but it doesn't have a name on it. I hate when that happens.  I used Square Hue Scorched Summer and, shocker, the MoYou Pro XL 03 stamp. 

Those MoYou's have for sure been my go-to's lately. I have quite a few that I haven't used yet because they are mostly flower patterns. I haven't had the ambition to make leaves green and flowers a flower color so I haven't used them. At some point I'm just going to say screw it and stamp them using one color. 

In other words, I'm lazy.


  1. Lovely nails! I love these colours together. Oh, babys are so cute. Little weaklings... <3