Thursday, March 27, 2014


Just imagine how overjoyed I was when I woke up to 4 inches of snow on my deck. Truly, truly thrilled!

Oh, wait. It's not December. It's almost April. For just a minute there I was considering putting the Christmas tree back up. 

It is pretty warm out, though....34 degrees. Of course, that means the snow is the consistency of kindergarten paste so imagine trying to shovel that stuff instead of eating like we all did when we were 5.  Not so pleasant. It weighs so much it knocked out my satellite service.  A tv addict like me certainly can't survive without it, so I had to trudge out there with the roof rake and try to carefully wipe it off without screwing up the alignment.

I got out there and there was just a tiny bit of snow and no ice on it. Why that knocked it out is beyond me, but I pulled off what little was there and came back inside to reset the box. Success!! Go, me!!

Right now it's half raining/half snowing. I'm assuming Kev is going to have simply craptastic roads driving home tonight. He's supposed to get home around 1:30 tonight so I get to worry even more than usual. Fan-frickin-tastic.

This mani is one I've wanted to do for such a long time but just never had the ambition because it was so time consuming. It's a one-hander again....all glittered up with  no place to go. 
Purple hexagon sequin glequin glitter mani
And oh, how it glittered!! Much more than you can see from the picture. I left it on just my left hand for a couple of days and only lost 2 glequins at the tip of my index finger. Not too shabby!  

I used a light lavender as a basecoat before putting each of the glequins on. It was some Color Club without a name. The sequins are kind of sheer purpleish but they changed colors when I'd move my hand. So fun!

I love it. Maybe someday when I have somewhere fancy-schmancy to go, I'll do this on both hands.  

I should probs go figure out something to eat for supper. I had kind of planned on going into town today to do some running and was going to pick something up, but I didn't think it was worth driving on the icy, snowy roads. So I cleaned the house instead.

Keep an eye out here a few days from now! My one year blogiversary is April 1st, and I'm planning to do my first giveaway. I'll also be doing a separate one on Instagram.

Something to look forward to, right?  :)