Thursday, March 13, 2014


What the hell? Winter is back in full swing. Again. I realize that I just said I can't ever remember what day it is, but I sure as hell remember that it was in the 40's on Monday.  I also know that last night at 2:30 a.m. it was -6. Stop already!! We are tired of freezing our asses off up here!

On a happier note, I got my first shipment of new nail plates yesterday. SO fun! They were so well packaged it took me about 30 minutes to open the package and then another 30 to peel that damn blue protective film off of them. That might or might not be an exaggeration of the time frame, but you get my drift.

I'm super happy with the new plates. The images are extra large even though the description of the plates says "medium".  They are also a fantastic price. I paid $19.20 for four plates, which is crazy when you consider that I paid between $18 and $20 for each of my other large plates. You can check them out on AliExpress.  In fact, they are even a little bit cheaper than when I bought them. I ordered them on February 26th, and I'm satisfied with how fast I got them from overseas.   So no complaints here.

The plates are well made, and the engraving seems to be good.  I've tried several of the designs, and they all worked perfectly. I was very happy to see a small design for The Big Bang Theory which is a fave show of mine, but they spelled it "Theoay".  Not a big deal, and it did make me laugh.

I messed around just trying stuff out on a paper plate for part of the day and did do one other mani before this one. I sat and pondered the Coach symbol for a bit and then decided it might be fun to try and match my purse.

It turned out better in my head. I tried multiple yellow-oranges, but none of them wanted to really show up properly over the blue. I still think it's pretty adorbs.
Zoya Ibiza, Salon Perfect Bellini, Fresh Paint Coconut, AliExpress 12-50 stamp, Coach mani
My navy blue on this one is Zoya Ibiza, and I stamped with Salon Perfect Bellini and Fresh Paint Coconut. The Coach stamp is found on the AliExpress 12-50 stamp.

Cute, right? I'm actually sitting here debating whether or not I want to do the right hand, too. It's only Thursday, and I have no plans to leave the house so I don't know if I should bother because I may want to play more with some of these plates.

Ahhh, all this playing with Coach stuff really makes me want a new Coach purse, but I really can't justify another one. The one in this pic is my newest one that I got from the Coach online outlet store, and I got it for $80 which was a steal!!

I love that site. My daughter had to send me an invite so I could join. Then they send you invites when you're eligible for a sale. I've never waited for an invite; I just log in to see if there's a sale going on that I can get to.  If anybody would like an invite to join, give me your email address, and I'll log in and send one to you. They are slow to do it, though, so don't rush right off to your email expecting to see it there.

Now I'm off to each some Peeps and jelly beans. It's a perk of being a grownup....candy even though it's getting close to dinner time.


  1. My SIL would love this, good job.

  2. So awesome, and I actually love that you didn't use the exact same colors.

    1. Oh, I sure did try to use the same colors! LOL