Sunday, March 2, 2014


Today I spent a whole bunch of time looking at my hummingbird pictures and videos. I just really miss that adorable chirping. I'm just dying for spring so they'll come back.

For months I've been thinking about getting a puppy pawprint tattoo on my foot, and today it occurred to me that maybe I'd also like a hummingbird tattoo. Why it took me this long to think of that brilliant idea is beyond me. 

Of course the first place I went was google to look for pictures. I know that I would want one that's tiny.  I have no tats now, and I'm certainly not gonna' get a nice big tramp stamp at my age. Lordie, that would be pretty effing hilarious, tho.  I also wouldn't want something big enough to give my mother cardiac arrest, although that is a distinct possibility no matter what size I get.  I've already been advised on many occasions that, a) I dress too young b) I should stop being blonde and c) at some point,  meaning SOON, I'm going to have to cut off my hair.  I never know quite what to say when she does that to me. It's not like these kind of convos are new, but I refuse to force myself into gumpsville. Ever.

So yeah, me getting any kind of tattoo might just push her over the edge.  Just one more thing in a very long list that she won't approve of.  So I'll be pondering that tattoo. I think it would be cute on the inside of my wrist, but I don't know if there's anyone around here I would trust to do a photo-realistic hummer that small. We shall see.

In the meantime, I decided I would settle on a hummingbird on my nails.  I bought my first water decals on eBay a few weeks ago. I've never used them before and have been hanging onto them until I'd actually be wearing them so they'd be seen.

Today I couldn't wait any longer. Since I didn't want to use them up, I opted for just doing one on each ring finger. Then I matched my other nails to the flower of the decal. 
I'm pretty happy with this. Really happy, actually.  I did ruin two decals in the process, but I still have enough left to do a complete set. And they were cheap so I'll probs buy some more. I'm thinking I might just get some Golden Retriever ones, too. Just for funsies.

My pink here is LA Colors Electric Charge. I can't remember ever using an LA Color to just do a normal paint job, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. For such a cheap polish its formula was great. I'm not even sure where I got this one. It was in my top drawer of pinks which means I got it way back when I first started doing my nails.

And that's my afternoon in a nutshell. Kev is on his way home so this evening will be spent getting caught up on our tv shows and discussing some things we're thinking of doing around the house. Fun things like a new furnace, water tank, etc. Actually, those aren't fun things at all. Just mother-effing expensive as hell things.  

I need my ship to come in or a money fairy to stop by. Soon.


  1. That is a really cute decal. But my heart stopped for a beat when I realized that you're wearing, gasp, a solid creme color, on all 5 nails too!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the humanity.

    1. It happens. Occasionally. And it's only because I could find a stamp I liked that wouldn't detract from my little bird. :)

  2. Your mother probably wouldn't be able to recognize you if you changed the way you dress, your hair colour and your hair length :D I like the mani, it's really sweet :)

    1. Sure she would. I'd look like my older sister, only taller. LOL

  3. Honey, do not...I repeat...DO NOT live down to other's expectation of how you should look. If you like the clothes you wear & having long blond hair (& your hubs still thinks you're the hottest babe ever) then don't change anything unless YOU want to change it. Get both tats if it will make you happy! My gram had issues with how peeps dressed & did their hair & make up. I let this inhibit me for decades before I decided to not live down anymore. I now have long tie dyed looking hair, wear black & bright colors, wear my Hello Kitty stuff with humor plus paint my nails the way I want. Hubs & my mom like it. My gram would have a conniption if she were still around. LOL Loving your mom doesn't have to mean making her issues yours. <3