Saturday, March 22, 2014


I could not be more excited about today's post. Recently I received a Facebook message from Cara over at Fox Claws asking me if I'd like to review one of their brand new nail polish racks.

Since I was breathing, was awake and have an IQ higher than 12, I jumped at that opportunity. Seriously, I really would have to be an idiot to turn that one down. I've seen their racks in person before, and I already knew they were pretty spectacular.

The exciting part of this one is that it's their new line. It's made of solid oak, not some craptastic fiberboard or plastic. And believe me, this bitch is solid.  I'm an oak fan in the first place. You'd just have to see my bedroom to know that.  Then she said they were doing a new stain, "ebony". I was excited about that part, too. Little did I know....

I got the shelf a couple of weeks ago but wasn't able to get it hung until yesterday.  In the meantime I've been inspecting it, figuring out where to put it and deciding which drawer of polish I'd be filling it with.

Now, I expected it to be pretty much a solid black. I was looking forward to that. What I got instead is a gorgeous, richly stained ebony/dark brown kind of combo that really enhances the look of the wood grain. I'm in love with it.

It's also made to perfection. You can see that from the pics. Be forewarned, this is a piece of wall furniture. It's oak, and it's quite heavy. If you plan to hang it, it does need to be hung attached to wall studs to keep it secure.  It doesn't have to be hung, though. It's made well enough that it will be perfectly stable standing on it's own on a desk, a dresser....whatever it is you use as a work station.

Now the fun part...the pics!!
Notice the nice edges on each shelf?  Just perfect for keeping those polishes in place.
 Look how beautifully the oak wood grain is enhanced by the stain. Oak is such a rich looking wood.
Here it is hung on my wall.
And here it is once I took every grey polish I own and almost filled it up.
Here's a little bit of info on the small Roxy shelf from the Fox Claws site:

Quick stats:
Capacity: 45 large (CG/OPI), or 54 small (Zoya/Essie)

Size: 22"x16.5"x2.5" - 3 shelves, single tiered (i.e. 1 row of polish on each shelf)

Hardware/Hanging: Includes 2 mounting screws. Mounting holes are set at 16" for standard wall studs. Polish is heavy! We absolutely recommend fastening your rack to your wall studs. If you are unable to do so, please use anchors. We are not responsible for injury, loss of product or damages incurred from racks that have not been properly fastened to the wall. If not hung, rack may tip if not placed against a wall or on an sturdy surface.

They do make other sizes, colors, different styles and have numerous options/upgrades. You can also contact them for custom ordersYou can even buy fancier trim as an add-on if you want something a smidge fancier, which is a great option.

If you're in need of some fantastic polish storage, I highly recommend The Fox Claws racks. They are exceptionally well made, by hand, and are beautiful as well as functional. Choose something small like a desktop display shelf right on up to a large cabinet with doors. There's a size for every need and a color for every decor.

It kind of makes me wish I had less polish and more wall space.


  1. GAH! I'm jealous! I've been eyeing Fox Claws racks for a long while! (LOL!) Lucky lady!

  2. So lovely!! I agree there's nothing better than solid wood furniture. Wish I had the wall space (and less paranoia about sun damage to my precioussssss) for one of these. :)

  3. Sooo desperate for proper polish storage! I just rearranged my collection back into colours rather than brands, better! I really want a shelf like this!

    1. It's hard to us addicts. I keep all mine by color, too.