Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Having Razzie for the weekend was a nice distraction since the only thing I could seem to find on Facebook was more sadness. 

Seven came over and played with her brother, and Razzie was probably the best behaved he's ever been. He seemed not quite as pesty as last time, and he actually lets me sleep until almost 9 a.m., unlike his sister, who is used to an earlier schedule than he is. It's pretty sad when I have to force myself to go to bed earlier because the dog might wake up. As always, I was sad to see him go back home. He's just a little love-bug, always quick with a smooch and a tail wag. 

It was also cute to watch Tinlee as he pulled out of the driveway. She just stood on the deck at the top of the stairs and watched them leave. I think she was actually sad about it. As for Raz, he was hanging his whole upper body out of the truck window and was still looking back at the house as they drove off. Tinlee then came in the house, plopped next to me and let out a heavy sigh before falling asleep. She was definitely in full-on pout mode.

After he left at 6, it was time to get busy and soak off my nails. Evidently my real nails just didn't grow much during the past month because my Customs were still rock solid. It's funny when they've been on for a long time, that little bit of length I gain as they grow out actually becomes an issue while typing. It's like suddenly my nails are too long, and I start hitting the wrong keys more often.

Once I reapplied, I didn't really feel like stamping or anything so I threw on the other new Julep I had gotten and then decided to throw on a glitter that I had won on Instagram last summer.
Julep Janie, KB Shimmer Precious Petals
The base is a very light pink, Julep Janie, and the topper is KB Shimmer Precious Petals. As you may or may not know, I am not a ginormous fan of glitter. When I had initially gotten this one and swatched it, I thought it was quite pretty just by itself on my swatch stick. I knew if and/or when I used it, I would for sure want it to be on something very pale. It works perfectly on Janie.

Sometimes I find glitter to be a real pain to apply, but this one actually went on very nicely. The glitter pieces dispersed without too much monkeying around, and I did two coats before topcoating.

If I have any inspiration this evening, I'll take this off, but if I do end up being too lazy or too involved watching the first two episodes of X Files, it won't break my heart to leave this on.

Besides, I'm sure if I want to break my heart, all I have to do is wander around Facebook for 3.2 seconds. I'm sure something shitty will have happened to someone.

I think I'm cried out anyway. At least for this moment.

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  1. Yes, whatever you do, don't wake the dog! haha <3 And yes, it's been a horribly sad week on FB :( The nails look nice though...