Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 BLOWS.

With all of the weird health things I had in 2015, I was all set for 2016 to be the start of a happier year. 

So far, epic fail. Every day I'm afraid to turn on the computer. Losses for the world of music have been shocking. I honestly have pretty much been convinced that David Bowie wasn't even actually a human, so him dying never really occurred to me, let alone at such an early age. 

Add to that the loss of four dogs from my group of doggie FB friends, and I'm about ready to call it 2017. I know it probably seems odd to some that it even affects me, but I do consider these people friends, and when any pet dies, it hurts. Having been there, I know that pain personally and hate for anybody else to have to deal with it.

Enough of that.

I did this mani on Sunday night, and I'm still wearing it.
China Glaze No Plain Jane, Mundo de Unas Black, Ali Express 12-51 plate
This shimmery purple is China Glaze No Plain Jane. Since I didn't want it to be plain, I used the Ali Express 12-51 stamping plate and MdU Black to throw a design on it.

It tickles me purple to take a pic with my new camera and have it be color perfect. I don't have to adjust a thing when I take pics anymore. It's just so nice and non-frustrating! 

It occurred to me last night that I haven't soaked my nails off in a month. I'm not sure why they still look as decent as they do, but I really should try to reapply them at some point this week. I'll have Razzie for the weekend, and I'm sure he'd want to help which means I'd better get it done before he comes.

Sometimes those 70+ pound puppies are not the most graceful or considerate of creatures, and seeing all of my nail stuff going flying around the room does not appeal to me at all.


  1. Love that mani, Daine!!! And yes... you are for sure a FRIEND!!! The loss of all the dogs has been so hard... They never live as long as we'd like...