Saturday, January 30, 2016


I'm sad that it's Saturday already. It's been a very nice, quiet couple of days, and I wouldn't mind having a few more just like it. Wednesday I cleaned the house after work like I always do and then did a couple of loads of laundry. After that I made a banana cake which was a mistake. It didn't turn out as good as the last one because the bananas were too fresh. I didn't have the patience to let them ripen and did the freezer method instead. It's still good, but the last one was better. Lesson learned.

Yesterday I groomed Tinlee, much to her dismay. That dog does not like any part of that. I easily could make a new dog with the hair that came off of her because she is shedding like a mo-fo. Baylee tried to help by shoving her way in on the action. As I'm brushing Tinlee, that moose scoots her way right in front of me and flips onto her back which leaves me reaching over her to brush the Tinster. She is so weird.

I decided to do a brown mani back on January 11th. I chose Fingerpaints Hue Are You and then did a holo topcoat to spark it up a little.
Fingerpaints Who Are You, Essie Good as Gold, Uber Chic 3-02
I love this holo topcoat. I really wish I knew where I got it. I bought it a long time ago, two mini bottles, and whoever made it didn't put a name on the bottle. So now I want more and can't find it. I know it is spectraflair 35, but that's it.
Fingerpaints Who Are You, Essie Good as Gold, Uber Chic 3-02
I used Uber Chic 3-02 and Essie Good as Gold for the leafy kind of design.

My Essies are all I use for gold or silver stamping, and I'm kind of wondering if I should buy some actual gold and silver stamping polishes. The Essie stamps really well so I'm not even sure why I'm pondering that. Maybe I just feel like spending money.

I'll need to talk myself out of that for now. I've spent money on several random things over the past couple of weeks which is something I always seem to do right after Christmas. 

I really am going to go wander Etsy, though, to see if I can find that holo topcoat. That, I need.



  2. Thank you for posting the Etsy link for the topcoat. Your mani is gorgeous and I hope to have the same spectacular results when I use it.