Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I'm not going to get too carried away with the bitching, but holy crap, it is COLD outside!! For the past week we've had single digits with an even lower windchill. I was really getting spoiled by all of that abnormally warm winter weather, and I think it is making this cold snap even more shocking to my system.

It is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather man is also saying it's going to snow. This isn't great timing for that. I have to drive 2 hours to Green Bay for a follow-up doctor appointment, and they are saying possible freezing rain there. I'm hoping the forecast is wrong or that it will wait until I'm nowhere around if it's going to start doing that. 

Somehow I managed to forget to look at the Julep Maven box in December to see if I wanted it or not. I probably would have skipped the month if I'd remembered because one of the items for the It Girl box was their oxygen nail treatment, which I don't use. I gave the last bottle to my sister, and she seems to like it so I'll pass this bottle to her.

The two actual polishes I got are very nice. One is a very, very light pink, and the other is this really beautiful holographic blue, Tali.
Julep Tali holographic
It kind of reminds me of denim, so that's kinda groovy. I did decide to stamp on it, though.....certainly wouldn't want to go to the doctor with plain nails.
Julep Tali, Darling Diva Queen of the Night, Dana 2 stamping plate
I decided that I wanted to use something holographic to stamp with, so I use Darling Diva Queen of the Night even though I felt kind of guilty using such a pretty polish for scraping off of a stamping plate. The little flower design is from the Dana 2 stamping plate.
I'm a smidge in love with this one. The blue is just such a pretty shade, and I'm really glad I forgot to skip the Julep box.

Sometimes it pays to be forgetful!


  1. Amazing color and beautiful mani!!!

  2. Pretty!!! What is the name of the blue holo from Julep? I haven't gotten anything from them for a couple years! Good luck at the doc!!! Drive safe, or reschedule!!!

  3. Oops... just seeing that this was about 10 days ago... you've probably been to the doc already! haha :) Still love the mani!!!