Monday, November 2, 2015


Halloween weekend wasn't the best. The weather was just awful, and poor Griffin didn't get to trick or treat for more than a few minutes because he was freezing. He was an adorable little Batman, though. Luckily he had enough Halloween activity in Illinois so it didn't seem to really bother him that he only got about 15 pieces of candy in his bag. 

Of course, we bought him a new Lego set to do on Friday when he spent the night. I figured I'd rather do that than add to a candy stash. Actually, it really was just an excuse for me to play with Lego's. The little stinker is getting too smart now, though, so I didn't get to do nearly as much as I thought I would. I got part of the submarine together while he worked on something else, but then he kind of pushed his way into my chair and took over. It's great that he's so good at following the directions, but it's not so great for the grandma that wants to make stuff.

I spent the weekend the same way I've spent the past 10 days, sick. I never left the house at all and spent my days dozing off and on. Today is my last day of antibiotics, and I'm hoping that means I'll start feeling normal again tomorrow. 

And how did it get to be November already?? I'm nowhere near ready to start thinking about the holidays, but I need to get my mind focused on shopping. I've already told two of the grandkids if they don't get a move on with lists, they'll be getting a check and no giftage. 

This mani is from quite a few weeks ago.
Salon Perfect Ivy League, China Glaze Metallic Muse, LeaLac LLC-B stamping plate
I used Ivy League by Salon Perfect for the dark green base and then stamped with China Glaze Metallic Muse and the LeaLac LLC-B stamping plate.

This is one of those that turned out great but wasn't very exciting. If memory serves, I was looking to do something quickly and knew that Metallic Muse would stamp like a dream. 

I cleaned up and reapplied my nails on Thursday evening while I was waiting for Tyler and Griffin to get home. I had hoped I would take some time to do some fun Halloween stuff, but they ended up staying naked until last night. 

I'm really itching to do a water marble but don't feel like I have the patience to monkey with it right now. Maybe sometime this week my motivation will return. We shall see, I guess.

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