Monday, November 9, 2015


What a difference a week makes. During that ten day stint of antibiotics, nothing I ate tasted good. Since my stomach felt so crappy that entire time, I think I lost about 4 pounds during that time frame.

As soon as my stomach felt better, I pretty much ate non-stop for about 6 days. I did eat a decent supper every night, but I also managed to wolf down a whole lot of candy corn, Skittles, Sugar Babies and hard butterscotch candy. Oink.

My biggest downfall right now is pineapple Outshine bars. They come in a box of six, and I try to have no less than three boxes in my freezer at a time. I can seriously go through a box of those a day and seldom only eat one. I usually stop myself at two at a time. I figure I can justify that because they are fruit and are only 80 calories each, not that I care about calories. If you haven't tried these, they are a must. The strawberry is pretty good, and they do also have some other flavors. I'm addicted to the pineapple, though.  Damn. I wish I had one here at work.

I still haven't been playing with my nails much. About a week ago I decided to do some knitting. I had done an afghan a few years back and had a ton of leftover yarn so I figured I would make myself a hoodie. I've had the child's pattern for it since my girls were little. It's really the first time I've attempted to make such a huge adjustment in a pattern for size, so I haven't a clue how it's going to work out. I figure if it sucks, it's no big deal. I do hope it turns out, though. I can never have too many hoodies to wear around the house. If it turns out well in the light aqua, I'm probably going to have to make another one for myself in navy blue.

Yesterday after I finished doing all of my sweepstakes entries, I decided to do a water marble.
Sally Hansen Sweet Talker, Sally Hansen Black, water marble
This looks pretty cute in person, but the very light pink that is Sally Hansen Sweet Talker doesn't look pink in this picture. I kind of wish I had gone just a smidge darker with the pink so it wouldn't look so much like white against the black. Oh, well.

At least this one didn't give me a whole lot of trouble. I probably could have tried harder to make the pattern more perfect, but I was too lazy. When I was about halfway through, I wasn't really in the mood to water marble anymore. I did manage to finish both hands, though.

When I'm in a knitting mood, it's really all I want to do, so this one might end up staying on for a few days. 

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  1. I love water marble and manicure look so pretty!!