Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Evidently my new goal is to see just how many times I'll need antibiotics this year. I've stopped counting.

Last Wednesday after work I cleaned the house, and then Kev and I sat down to watch some of the 8,000 programs on the dvr. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Sometime before we went to bed I had a pain in my lower back, but I didn't really give it too much thought. When I got up on Thursday, I could hardly move. I figured maybe I tweaked it when I was cleaning or something. I grabbed the heating pad and eased myself into the chair, happy in the knowledge that I didn't have anything strenuous to do.

The heating pad and a Vicodin made a huge difference, but on Friday it still wasn't feeling good. As Friday moved into the night, I just didn't feel right. I grabbed my thermometer and discovered a temp of 103.6. Um.....that ain't groovy. I was feeling progressively worse so I took some Excedrin Migraine. That brought the fever down, but between the fever and the back pain, I started thinking kidney infection.

On Saturday I felt awful. So awful that I dragged my scuzzy, unshowered self to the walk-in clinic at 11:00 a.m. To my surprise I was the only one there, which was awesome! My self-diagnosis was, as usual, correct. But a kidney infection? Seriously? I haven't had one in over 35 years. I also had no symptoms of any kind before that knife in my back.

So now I'm on the antibiotic from hell. I've been nauseous every second, everything I try to eat tastes disgusting and now the inside of my mouth is sore.  This ten day prescription can't end soon enough for me, and I'm only on day 5.

Overall, I'm just tired and a little weirded out by these random infections that keep showing up for no apparent reason. It's why I've been absent so much, though. My enthusiasm for anything has pretty much vanished right along with what I formerly thought of as my pretty decent health.

My nails are badly in need of reapplication. I'm not even sure what's keeping them on at this point. I did this mani quickly on Monday night. I'm hoping to remove it and soak off my nails sometime before next Monday.
Sinful Colors Smoke, Mundo de Unas Black, Uber Chic 5-03 stamp
I'm limited to using dark colors because of grow out, so I went with Sinful Colors Smoke and then stamped using Mundo de Unas Black and my new Uber Chic 5-03 stamping plate.

Uber Chic is going to be the death of any no buy. I had managed to talk myself out of buying the 3 series, but when this 5 series came out, I ended up buying both sets. I just saw someone post that they are coming out with more in November.

Sometimes I wish I could block myself from websites.


  1. Sorry you're sick! Ugh...double Ugh!!! I knew you weren't doing as many manis, but didn't know wy! Ugh! And yes... blocking myself from websites lately... I have enough, and have lost my mojo for nails... I am so sad ... I think some of it is that all the rage now is Halloween and it's a dumb "holiday" to me... I don't "do" it!! Hopefully I'll be up and going soon!!

    I hope you get to feeling better SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very Halloweeny! Hope you feel better soon <3

  3. I hope you heal and get well soon. Your nails look fab!

  4. I hope you heal and get well soon. Your nails look fab!