Monday, December 22, 2014


My weekend didn't start off so great. I put my old car up for sale on Craigslist, and I think it was only up for about 8 hours before a guy called and said he'd come out on Friday to see it. Or maybe it was Saturday. I no longer have a clue what day it is.

So Kev calls to tell me he's on his way, and I figure I'll go pull it out of the garage. Um....won't start. Great.  I call Kev and tell him to call the guy to stop him from making the trip out to the house and hung up.  I called him back a couple of minutes later and he said he hadn't gotten through to the guy and then told me how to attach the battery charger.

So as I'm standing at the front of my car trying to get the hood open, the guy pulls up. I felt like an idiot for having the poor guy come out to see a car that won't start. Seriously. I've honestly had no trouble with that car. So the guy puts the charger on for me and then looks at the car, and he likes what he sees. He seems completely unconcerned by the battery thing. We set it up so he could come out yesterday to try again after I got the battery charged.

In the end, the battery charger was doing nothing, so I called one of my friends to come rescue me and jump it. He stopped out, hooked it up and then came in to visit while it ran for about 45 minutes.  After he left, I started it 3 times throughout the evening with no issues.

Cut to yesterday morning when I go out to start it.  Yup.  Nope. Dead again, although not quite as dead as the day before. The guy called to come out, and once again I had to tell him it wasn't starting. Thankfully he works at a car place and is still interested and will come out again next weekend. That gives Kev Friday to figure it out or buy a new battery. Honestly, what an embarrassing mess!!  It's just my luck I would try to sell a perfectly working car only to have it die when I try to sell it. I mean, I really love the car and will be sad when it goes, but I didn't figure the feeling was mutual.

I also managed to pop off a nail while trying to fix a light in the house, and I popped one off under the hood of the car. I was very happy it landed where I could get it. Of course, that meant I had to soak them all off and do a reapplication which was really not in my schedule for before Christmas.

Now it's three measly days before Christmas which means it's time for the last three days of rushing around to get everything done at my house.

Yesterday I did two separate double batches of a Swedish cookie that has to be made one at a time on a cast iron thingamabop on the stove, so that takes hours out of my life. I considered just doing the one double batch, but since I'm the only one that makes these, people in my family tend to steal some to take home. And since I love them so much, I have to make sure I'm left with plenty.

I also finished up the last 12 items I needed to wrap for Wednesday. I'll have more to wrap before we go out of town next week, but for now I'm done with that.

Right now it's 4:30, and I'm sitting at work. I've basically had not a thing to do since I came back after lunch, and it's been really bugging me since I could be at home doing stuff. He did give me tomorrow off so that's good because tomorrow is bake the homemade rolls and clean the house day. 

When I leave here at 5, I'm headed home to set up the yeast-based dough for German sour cream twists. Those have to sit in the fridge for a few hours before baking. Once those are set up I'll probably do my annual "cover the big marshmallows in white chocolate for my brother" thing. He told me several years ago that it's hard to find good chocolate covered mallows, and I decided I'd try to make them for him that year. Kind of a mistake because he loved them so much I now feel obligated to make them every year. I don't want to disappoint him.

I think it was about 11 p.m. last night when it occurred to me that my nails were naked. Wonderful. I didn't have time to do anything much, but I did at least manage to get them stamped.
Orly Act Your Shoe Size, China Glaze Red Dahlia, MoYou Festive 04 stamp, Christmas holiday
I don't even know what I'd call this base color. It's Orly Act Your Shoe Size, and I guess it's kind of a cross between mauve and burgundy?  I did a matte topcoat with the Sally Hansen one whose name escapes me, and then I used  China Glaze Red Dahlia for the MoYou Festive 04 stamp.

This is just an "okay" one for me, but it served the purpose of covering my nails for a day.  I really am hoping to have time to do something a little more fancy-schmancy for my actual Christmas mani, but no guarantees on that one.

Tyler is on her way home and will be here later tonight, so I'll be happy to see her. She will probably pretty much just be dropping off the dog and then heading to her dad's because today is his birthday.

Tyler was a real sweetheart last night and did up one kind of cookie that we always make, so that saves me a huge chunk of time.  I can always count on her to be helpful during Christmas week. She's a gem, that one.

Now hopefully Zero will be just as helpful and cooperative as I try to get things done.

Anyone want to place bets on that fantasy?

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