Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Could I be anymore annoyed with my doctor's office right now? Nope!

With new laws that went into effect on October 1st, I  now have to get an actual written prescription for my Vicodin. Now, for years I've been taking it 4 times per day for my headaches. For the most part, it has been a very good solution for me. Not perfect, but certainly what has worked the best without making me loopy or becoming an addict.

That might seem weird, the fact that I live on Vicodin with no worries about addiction. My fave doctor-man retired a couple of months ago, and he's been on board with how it works for me. Since I don't get any kind of buzz from it, it's fine for me. 

Headaches for me are a serious issue. For years every doctor, and I, pretty much assumed they were migraines. My sister gets classic migraines, and unfortunately so does my daughter and now my oldest grandson. Starting in the early 80's, I was given Fioricet, primarily because it wasn't addictive.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. SO addictive. I loved it. It gave me the nicest fuzzy little buzz, and it was so nice I did become addicted. Badly. Took a ten day stint in a rehab center to detox off of it back in the 90's.  Good times.

In the past they tried prescribing it to my daughter with the same "not addictive" line. She wasted no time calling bullshit on that and doesn't use it.

The only other thing that really helps my headache is what I consider to be the absolute best drug on earth, Excedrine Migraine. Seriously. Tylenol, Advil, it; I've tried it. Nothing works but the Excedrin. The problem with that is when you wake up with a headache every day of your life, you take a ton of Excedrine. And then you get ulcers that are one-third the size of your stomach. So yeah, that's awesome, too.

In the end, my doctor determined that I don't actually have migraines. I just have what is known as chronic headaches. I think I'd be better off with migraines since there are so many medications you can take for those.

Anyway.....I was supposed to pick up my monthly supply of pills yesterday. I went through the website and requested my prescription on Sunday, knowing they would see it Monday morning and I could pick it up on Tuesday in time to get a refill.

Uh, yeah. Not so much. My new doctor, who I've seen once and am not impressed with so far, is on vacay. The covering doc needs to sign it. Fine. So sign it. I messaged them and spoke to them twice on the phone to really let them know that it needed to be done so as not to screw up my schedule. I mean, how long does it take to physically put pen to paper and sign? It's written out already.

It's now Wednesday at 3:15 and I'm still waiting. I finally called them a few minutes ago, and it's still not signed.  I'm 6 Excedrin in at this point today. And I'm not happy.

Done venting.

I did this mani the other night. I still have it on because I still like it and sniffing polish fumes right now does not appeal.
Sally Hansen CSM Olive Branch, OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts, DRK-A stamp
I don't know if you can tell from the pic, but the base is a really dark green, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Olive Branch. I stamped on that with OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts and the DRK-A stamping design. I was actually very impressed with how well the OPI stamped.

My sweater was this color green, and the sleeves are that color grey in thermal material, so this stamp kind of looks like that pattern.

I think I did it up good on this one as far as smatchiness. I'm thinking I may change it up tonight.

Unless that damn office doesn't call, in which case I may just paint over these solid black to continue the mood smatch.


  1. I thought it was it was green. Love the color and the stamping design. Great choice of mani and great job!

    1. Definitely dark enough green to look grey, especially with the grey stamping. In person it did show green like my shirt, though! :)