Monday, December 8, 2014


For a Monday I'm in an oddly good mood. Odd because it's Monday, and odd because it's snowing. I am pretty tired of it snowing only when the hubby is out of town. Very frustrating.

But still, pretty good mood.

Kev and I got the house completely decorated the last couple of days last week. It would have been done in one day, but we decided to take a break and go to dinner which led to a break out at the casino. Winners!! Again!! So that was fun.

So Friday we wrapped up the decorating, and yesterday I wrapped up the wrapping (see what I did there - I am so effing clever).

I also knocked out a whole lot of dvr tv watching and did my nails. Not the mani I'm showing today, but I did do one.

This one I did a few weeks ago when I went to the bar for karaoke night. It was a last minute thing and matched my shirt perfectly, which is always fun.
Loreal Crazy for Chic, Black on Black, DRK-C stamp
Just pretend you don't see that little chip on my thumb nail. Thanks.

The hot fuschia is Loreal Crazy for Chic, and I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and the DRK-C stamping plate. Those Loreal polishes are really pretty nice. I don't see many people talking about them, and I think they get overlooked for some reason. I like 'em. I just bought a couple at Walgreens the other day that are really pretty. Even though I'm not much of a glitter fan, they had a dark purple and a lighter purple with some fine glitter that look really rich.

Had to buy them. Had to. I really need to put myself on a no buy. Like now. I was doing so good there for awhile and not buying any, and lately I've been buying like a crazy person!!

I see that the snow is slowing down now. That's good. I probably won't have too much trouble shoveling the deck when I go home at lunchtime. With any luck, the driveway will miraculously clear itself, a/k/a get done by the neighbor or my boss.

I'll probs change my boots at lunchtime, too. Like an idiot this morning, instead of putting on my black shitkickers, I wore a kitten heel boot with bottoms like an ice rink. I'm almost 55 years old and have lived here my entire life. You'd think I would know better.

I am nothing if not brilliant.

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