Saturday, February 8, 2014


Is there such a thing as a stomach transplant? If not, I will happily volunteer to be the first to have one. I have been trying so hard to do everything right to get this ulcer to heal, but here I am, still hurting. Me = disgusted.

I can see, though! I think my new trial contact lenses will be the ones I order. It's nice not seeing double and being able to read street signs.  I decided I'd get new glasses, too, even though my insurance only covers either/or each year. I haven't gotten new specs for about 4 years and figured since my prescription had changed so much I'd just pay for them out of pocket. 

Now, I've worn glasses since I was ten years old. And I hate wearing glasses. I'm jealous of people that look cute in their glasses. It's just not fair. So anytime I decide to get new ones, my one goal is always the same: find a pair that I will be willing to leave the house in. When I started wearing contacts in my 20's, being seen in public in glasses ceased happening. I just hate them on me. Hate them.

Since I figured I would price out a pair before deciding to buy them for sure, I started trying on frames. The pair I have now are a wire rim, my theory being if they are wire, they will be invisible. Not true. This time I decided I'm going to go just the opposite.....bigger and in-your-face bold.  Of course I see a cobalt blue pair, throw them on and think they're kind of cute. Price of that frame? $249. Oh, hellz to the no. I'm not paying that for something I'll never leave the house in.

Then I found a flat black metal pair that I thought I liked. And they were on sale for $50....much better! I look up and discover they are men's glasses.  Fantastic. Then I went to the unisex section and the "trendy" section. I just wasn't seeing anything. The girl asked me if I wanted plain or bling. I told her I was too old for bling. And then started laughing when I realized I was wearing a rhinestone garden of hearts on all ten nails. Ooopsie.

I finally threw on that men's pair and asked what she thought, and she said as long as they fit, it doesn't matter if they're in the men's section.  I decided to go with that pair. Then of course add in the fact that they are bifocals, and $275 later I'm on my merry way home. If things go like they have in the past, I like them right now in my mind and when I get them home, I'll hate them just like ever other pair. Whatevs.

Before opting for the stainfest of removing my KC Metallic Fuschia, I threw on a heart stamp just for funsies.  I should have used black stamping polish because the Sinful Colors Black on Black that I used didn't really stamp black enough.
Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A stamp
For the hearts I used my Llarowe LeaLac LLC-A stamping plate. It only took me like ten minutes to do. If I had actually been planning to go somewhere I think I for sure would have switched to stamping polish.

I do need to do something else tonight because tomorrow I am leaving the house. My granddaughter is in a play tomorrow so we are heading to Marinette to watch. She's playing Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web", and I'm so excited for her! She's been in several plays, and she is one talented 8 year old.  It should be fun. I always love seeing the grandkids on stage. :)

In the meantime, I'm off to decide what, if anything, I can eat for supper without ending up doubled over in pain. No drinking of pumpkin pie booze for me tonight, I guess.

Bummers. :(


  1. I actually like the subtlety of the black on black images. It's really pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like this, it tones down the fuchsia to a bearable degree! I'm going crazy trying to get these v cool stamping plates at the mo, you'd love them as they are infinite size! S'posed to be restocked on the 8th, still not there! Arg! Here check these out:- (bet you buy them!)

  3. I just got unisex glasses too. They were cheap and looked good. Hey have u ever ordered glasses online? You just ask your doc for a copy of your script. I used a website called ZENNI..and i picked fra.mes then typed in my script specifications. 2 weeks and $20 later i had some cool new peacock design glasses :)

  4. Oh man, I'm sorry about your ulcer :-( Hey, glasses are glasses IMO and I'm glad ( and all the other motorists on the road ;-) )you could find a pair that you like and that you will leave the house in! I love the stamping that you did. I'm having such a hard time right now with stamping, frustrates the hell outta me but practice makes perfect!