Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Some of you may remember my "roof saga" from last year. Long story short, after a very long nightmare, we had to get a completely new roof for the second time in 3 years.

After getting home Saturday night from my daughter's, Kev left for work on Sunday. Sunday afternoon I noticed a wet spot on the edge of the ceiling in the kitchen. Awesome. I dropped an email to the roofer, and he called yesterday to schedule a time to come today to check it out.

After my doctor appointment this afternoon, I came home and immediately noticed that the heat wasn't working. I opened up the door only to find water coming down from the ceiling in there. I called the roofer to make sure he was coming, and he arrived about 15 minutes later. 

This lovely winter we've been having has caused an ice buildup on the roof, and since this piece of shit I live in is a prefab, it doesn't have good ventilation. The ice was backing up under the shingles, melting and then coming inside.

Why, oh why, do these things only happen when the hubby is out of town! The guy went up on the roof, shoveled it, put down salt and made a channel for the water to drain. He'll be back tomorrow to check on it and do the front of the house. Seriously. It's always something, right? Lord only knows what this fiasco will cost.

Some of you may also recall my garter snakes in my yard. I won't torment any of you with the pictures. I just can't help but think of them when I use the snakeskin stamp that I used on this manicure.
Sinful Colors Island Coral, Zoya Noot, Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp
It's also "orange week" in my nail group, thus the color on this one which is Sinful Colors Island Coral. I stamped on it using Zoya Noot and the Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp.

I'm not super excited about this one, but it turned out okay. I wish I would have used a darker color to stamp with. I probs could have switched to something else before I did them all, but I simply wasn't that ambitious.

Yesterday I got really ambitious; just wait til you get a look at it!



  1. The DRK snakeskin is one of my fav images from those plates. Cant go wrong with them! Sorry about the roof, that sucks, well sucks and costs money which is even worse :(
    Hmmm intrigued about tomorrows mani!!!

    1. Ugh. I just found another room where there's a wet spot. Shoot me now.
      Oh, tomorrow's mani is cray-cray!

    2. If its a new roof, is there a warranty? Should be, you have to go through one full winter to know if there are hiccups. Cray-cray yay!!! love me some Crazy nails!

  2. I like it. Not just the stamping, but the combination of colors works too.

    Hang in there, Kiddo. Maybe Ken will decide relocation to somewhere warmer could be an option. When I got married, lo these many years ago, I was still in the army. I promised my darling that we would live somewhere warm when I got out. She's from Fargo, so that was a showstopper for her.

  3. I love how this looks. I wish I could stamp like this. I'm soooo jealous lol.