Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hey! Have I mentioned lately that we have "some" snow?? Here's a couple of pics I snapped from my patio door today. It looked worse yesterday, but the bossman was kind enough to come and plow the driveway last night.

This first shot is looking to the right.  That blue thing is the plastic tarp over my deck table. As you can see, there's a "couple" of inches there.
Off to the left is where the majority of the snow builds up from snowblowing and plowing. Baylee doesn't mind plodding her way through that huge-ass snowbank, but Tinlee won't even attempt it anymore. I wish the pic showed how high the snow really is.
I would love nothing more than to wake up and have it magically disappear.

On to the nails!

For Christmas this year one of my lovely nail/Golden Retriever friends sent me a bunch of great polishes. I was happy when I opened the package and saw a fantastic China Glaze "blurple".  I do love me a good blurple. Then I turned it over and saw the name of it and started to giggle. It's called Queen Bee. I have no idea how she managed to find a polish with my "name" on it, but suffice it to say, I love it. The color and the name.

Since I had only swatched it I thought I would attempt a water marble. I pulled 4 colors to go with it, set up my new "work station" in front of my recliner and got to it. Yeah, right.

Sometimes that damn heart water marble comes together, and sometimes I just can't get it to work. I went from 5 colors, to 4 and then tried just 2 colors. No luck with it at all. 

It was at that point I said, "screw it"....all I could see were drops of my precious Queen Bee going to waste. I finally just used the last 2 colors and did the easiest one I know of to do.
China Glaze Queen Bee, Essie Absolutely Shore water marble
At least when I do this pattern, it's a one shot deal with no do-overs. So this is the beautimous China Glaze Queen Bee marbled with Essie Absolutely Shore.

It turned out, and after all of the issues I had been having, I'm happy with it.  I'm betting I will still try to accomplish a heart water marble before the big V-Day.

I'm also betting it will take me many tries and a whole lot of bitching before I get it to work.


  1. Firstly, holy crappers on the snow monsoon! The weather's been way weird worldwide, (say that 3 times fast) we had coldest for 30 yrs here, that meant a drop to 16C which for us is like -25C, seriously! Love the blurple and blue, like an ocean scene, nice! I've been preoccupied with my fab new sewing maheen but did manage quite a nice Chinese New Year style!

    1. I actually just saw that mani the other day; I almost commented because I saw it was you and was chuckling at the hand pose. lol

  2. Absolutely love this water marble... didn't even NEED 4 or 5 other colors to make it perfect!!! :) Ugh on the snow... I thought that blue was a hot tub cover! hahaha :)

    1. No hot tub for me...not a fan. The other 4 colors would have looked SO good, tho! :(

  3. Have to say I love the snow...sorry! I think it's beautiful! I like the colors you did for the mani. I haven't even attempted to try a marble at this point. Not brave enough.

    I was wondering if sometime you could do a blog post about brands of polish or stamp plates or whatever that are just not that great of products and that you don't really care to use. Also, the opposite...which products, plates, etc. are some of the best. I know you use SV for your top coats - is it that great to spend the extra money on versus using something bought elsewhere? As a newbie to all of this type of stuff (thanks to your link to your blog from OLS) it helps out to know what the not so great stuff is and what the great stuff is. I've always just painted my nails in the past and I am looking at getting some stamper plates in the future - but it's all so overwhelming.

    1. The snow IS pretty unless you live in it or have to shovel it. lol
      I'm happy you are here, especially coming from OLS. I'll try to answer at least some of your questions here right now. :)
      I started using the Seche Vite because it doesn't smear my designs. It also dries super fast and hard. Have you ever done your nails at night, gone to bed and had them get ruined? I have! That doesn't happen with SV. I don't buy a regular bottle of it anymore because it is pricey and I go through a TON of it. A standard bottle is .50 oz; and I believe that costs at least $6 maybe? On Amazon you can get the professional size refill bottle for about $15. With that you get a large 4 oz bottle AND a standard .50 bottle so you end up getting like 9 bottles for the $15. GREAT deal and totally worth it.
      If you're looking to start stamping, I suggest Amazon for that, too. You can get lots of plates on there.. My first plates were a set of 25 Bundlemonster plates for about $21, I think. They are a good brand, and so is Cheeky which you can also find on Amazon. It's a good place to start. If you do buy plates, try to get the "Xlarge squishy stamper". I got mine on Ebay, but you can also get it at or

      That's a start.....feel free to message me here, on the Polish Sickness facebook page or over at OLS. I'm always happy to answer questions. Oh!! And for polish, bebop over to Walgreens or Walmart and snag up the Sinful Colors polishes. Super cheap at $2, and quite often Walgreens puts them on sale for $1. Great quality and lots of good colors. :)

    2. Thanks for the start. I've got some Sinful Colors already, Zoya, OPI, Cover Girl and other ones I can get at Target or Walmart as well as some of the brands I can get at Sally's. There are plenty of brands I would like to get but I have a hard time spending $12 - 15 per bottle for polish. I kinda balked at paying for Zoya and OPI.

      I'll def have to get some SV off of Amazon because I will paint my nails at night and even let them dry (Ha! So I thought they were dry) and wake up the next morning with imprints from my hair in my polish.

    3. I had a feeling you've woken up with screwed up nails. I think every nail person I know has had that happen. If you're an eBay kinda' gal, start looking for polishes there. When I started out I bought a whole lot from there, and sometimes you can find great deals on listings that have a bunch of bottles in a group. I love Zoya but never buy unless there's a good sale. Watch their Facebook page because they'll post good coupon codes.