Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Still freezing my ass off here in Plainfield, Illinois. I don't even want to leave the house to go shopping. Thankfully tomorrow it's going to be at least 20 degrees....a veritable heatwave.  

Folks are still not feeling so great here so nothing exciting happening. I did motivate long enough to shower so at least I'm not a complete scrub, and I made chicken for supper. Now for the rest of the night it'll just be more sitting around in front of the tv. In other words, it's just like being at home! 

Here's another mani that I did for Nail It magazine along with a tutorial. I forgot to post the tutorial for yesterday's mani. Oopsie. You may see it on the Nail It website at some point.
 Orly Lift the Veil, heart rhinestones, Valentine mani
Since I had just taken off that mani from yesterday's post, I just stuck with using Orly Lift the Veil as my base. (translation - too lazy to go find something else)

I wasn't originally planning to do a "garden".  Actually, I don't remember what my intention was. Somehow whatever I was trying turned into this. In reality, I just wanted to play with the heart rhinestones I had just gotten from eBay.

For all of the green I used my Nail Candy pens. They still have them on Nomorerack, and you should consider getting them.  They are $12 for five of them. I love that they can be a needle point or a brush. I'm really happy with them.

I just checked over on that site, and they have some other decent polish-related bargains. 

Guess I'll end this now so I can peruse the site and try to not buy anything.



  1. Very cute, and simple enough for me to do! Quick Q, what nail polish pens do you use??

    1. I have a set from Nomorerack made by Nail Candy.

  2. What a lovely idea for an alternative valentines mani. I've never tried using bail pens but it looks like they're worth investing in.