Saturday, October 18, 2014


What a last few months it has been. It has easily been the busiest summer I can ever remember having. 

For a lazy person, that kinda' sucks. I'm a relatively lazy person. I'm thinking life will be back to my completely normal, uneventful manner starting Monday.

In actuality, I'm not really complaining. How could I complain about living with puppy cuteness (and the mess) for over three months. And how could I complain about spending a week in Cancun? (more on that later because I can)

Also, after missing the puppies for a bit, Tyler came home for a weekend, bringing Griffin and Zero with her, so I got a puppy fix last weekend. Oh, lordie....that pup is hell on wheels! She has her hands full. Griffin is madly in love with him and according to Tyler, every day he says he is so happy to have a dog now. He stayed at his other grandma's while Zero stayed here, and when he got back to my house the following day, you'd have thought he hadn't seen his dog in a month. He sat on the floor and held him and kissed him and just kept saying "awww" over and over again. Ridiculously cute.

I could really inundate you with the 8,000 pictures I took of the two of them, but I'll just do these three, at least for today. The shot with him in orange I got a bunch of other shots because he spent 15 minutes on the floor with him, and Zero got at least 50 kisses. Baylee walked up on that, and he told her to go away. When Tinlee went and stood by them, she got kisses, too. He still wants to steal Tinlee from me.

Once they left on Sunday I had a few quiet days where I got caught up on cleaning and laundry. Then on Thursday afternoon I got one of the other pups, Seven, to puppysit for the weekend.  She's asleep under my kitchen table right now. She is an absolute gem, very cuddly and quiet and well-behaved. She even goes and scratches at the screen door to go out to potty so we haven't had a single accident. She's amazing.
I also took 8,000 pics of her. And the weekend isn't even over yet.

In the midst of all the busy, I have managed to do my nails quite a few times. I just haven't had the time to just sit and do a post. In fact, I have a few where I didn't even remember to take note of what I actually used. Sheesh.

Unnamed Color Zone, Sinful Colors Black on Black, DRK-A stamp
I did take note of this one, and it doesn't even have a name. It's a Color Zone yellow. The stamp was done with Sinful Colors Black on Black and the DRK-A plate.

I love the combo. I hate that it's kind of smeary. Normally I may have tried to re-do some of them to see if I could get them a little more clear, but re-do's have not been on my agenda.

With any luck, I can go back to my lazy life where I sit in front of the tv and do nails. Blog posting regularly would be nice, too. I do find that it was so much easier to blog when I worked full-time. Now that I only work part-time, I actually have to work the entire time I'm there. 

It's awful!! I wasn't aware people really did that.


  1. You'r right thats ridiculously cute... :) it so good to see that kind of love, congrats

    But your nails are very cute too, in another way of cuteness lolololol

    1. Love that kid; love that puppy; like the nails. lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, James. I'm surprised anyone even remembers them by now. lol