Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Geez, in all the rambling about the new car in yesterday's post, I forgot to share something else fun!

Kev and I love going to the casino. Unfortunately this is not usually a good thing. But because I'm a horrible person, I planted the idea in his head last Thursday night, and since he is also a horrible person, he agreed to go instead of telling me to shut the hell up.

So off we went at about 10 p.m. We like going later in the evening when it's not so busy. Of course, because I'm a girl, I have a fave slot machine that I can sit at for hours if it's giving me something to play with.  Sometimes it even does well. Thursday night, not so much.

So after letting that suck some money out of my hands, I wandered over to a set of penny progressives that Kev likes to play. He has won the progressive jackpot on it twice over the years. It's never a huge amount. It is pennies, after all.  Those machines traditionally hate me. But I was pouting over my other machine sucking so I sat down and stuck in 20 bucks. It was cruising along pretty nicely, and within a few minutes I had accumulated 100 bucks. Sweet. That's my magic cash out number, so I did that and stuck the slip in my purse.

Then I put in another 20 which got me nowhere in a hurry, but I figured I'd give it another 20 just to see what it would do. And in case you haven't guessed the end of this story, I won the progressive jackpot to the tune of just over $1,800. Sweetness!!

From there I went and stuck that $100 slip into the machine that earlier hated me, and it had changed its mind. I'd put in $100 and cash out $200. Lather, rinse, repeat, and I cashed in $1,000 worth of slips on that.

In the meantime, Kev had been playing all over the casino and was doing pretty well, too. As I was wrapping it up on my machine, Kev was playing $1 Wheel of Fortune slots. These also traditionally hate me and never let me spin the wheel.  Since it was time to head home, I joined him over there, played two machines and lost $200. Oh, well....it was profit money so it wasn't quite so painful. Still pissed me off, though. The machine Kev was playing was doing all right. Once he decided he was done and wanted to leave, I told him I wanted to throw $100 in it.  Cut to a half hour later, and I had racked up another $600 to take home. 

All in all, a pretty damn good night. It's fun (and rare) to walk out of there with that kind of profit, but it sure felt good!

Sorry I ranted on about that, but I couldn't help myself. I still get excited thinking about winning that progressive.

I'm also looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. I posted on my ex sister-in-law's Facebook wall to ask if I could steal Razzie for a few hours or a weekend to puppysit, and she is dropping him off Friday afternoon for me to play with until Sunday afternoon. How awesome is she!!

So I get to look at this little face for three glorious days.
It's going to be awesome!

Of course, it also means that doing nails will probs be out of the question. Puppies don't care if nails are wet and are also more than happy to knock shit over.  But puppies still trump nails.

Last weekend I thought maybe I'd do some foils. They aren't something I even think of usually, but I was looking through some of my stuff and ran across these.
China Glaze Agent Lavender, nail foil
These went on like a dream on top of a basecoat of China Glaze Agent Lavender. I used a topcoat I bought on Amazon and was going to post a link to it, but it's currently unavailable. I left a question to the seller because I'm hoping she is going to sell it again. It's still the best thing I've found for foil topcoating.

This foil probably would have been fine with regular topcoat. It's really only the shiny foils I ever seem to have an issue with.

I liked this one. It looked better in person, and I wore it for a few days and had no issues with wear at all.

I'm hoping maybe tonight I'll motivate and try to do something Halloweenie. Of course, I say that now while I'm sitting at work; that nail motivation may have died by the time I get home.

And yes, Halloweenie is a word.


  1. love these nails, puppy is adorable and great result at the casino!!

    1. A win, win, win from you! Thanks, Debbie! :)