Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Things are getting progressively quieter in the Graham household. Four of the seven puppies have now gone on to their new fur-ever homes. While a big part of me is happy about this, an even bigger part of me is very, very sad. More than a few buckets of tears have been shed.

While it was difficult letting Seven, Razzie and Zero go, it was the most difficult when Charlie left. Everyone else I had time to prepare myself for. Charlie I did not. I got a message from some people in Gladstone that wanted to come and look on Friday night. She was barely in the door when she looked over the edge and asked if that was her puppy. Rut-roh.

A half hour later they were out the door with Charlie in her arms. I was in shock. For some reason it didn't occur to me that they would swoop in and run off with my dog, I guess. So I cried the hardest for him. I have to be very happy for him, though. Spoiled rotten already. On Saturday he went to the beach for a doggy beach party and spent time in their garden, which is gorgeous. I also found out  yesterday that he is also already sleeping in bed with them. So yeah, spoiled and very loved. I can't ask for more than that. Sometimes things are just meant to be, and Charlie chose them for a reason.

Holli and Adi will leave the end of this week, leaving only Jake, Jr. without a new home. This is the four I had left on Saturday.  And no, Martha, I am not keeping Jake.
On Sunday Tyler and Griffin left with Zero. I was a bit teary, but at least I know I will see him in three weeks and every time they come to visit. Still hard, though. The following two pics did help to make me feel better. They were taken during their 6 hour ride home.
It appears that Griffin's lap was a much better place to sleep than the crate. Few things cuter than a little boy napping with his dog.
And no 6 hour car ride is possible without a potty break for all, as well as a few minutes of running to burn off some energy.

Even though Griff didn't show as much interest in the puppies when he was here (because Grampa Kev trumps puppies), it seems he's much more excited about it now that he's home. Tyler told me that the first thing he said when he woke up Monday morning was, "I'm soooo happy that I have a dog now". Be still my heart.

Last week was blue week in nail group. As usual, I'm behind. Everybody else has already moved on from it. I did the nails in time, just not the blog post.
Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire, Essie No Place Like Chrome, LeaLac A stamp
Oh, do blue, they said. No problem, said I. I'll do a nice sapphire color and stamp over it with silver, I said. It'll be super fast and easy and look nice, I said.

Bullshit, I said!! I went through all of my blues, which is three drawers full, mind you, and pulled Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire.

Perfection! Not only does it look like a sapphire, it even says it on the bottle. It's destiny so use that, I said.

Off I went to the living room, blue in one hand and my go-to silver stamping polish, Essie No Place Like Chrome in the other. I knew it would turn out super cute, all that nice silver on that blue.

It didn't take me long to really start bitching. That blue was a friggin' nightmare. I swear it stained everything it touched and possibly even some things that it didn't. Let me check my naked toes and knees; there might be some blue stains on them.

Nope. I'm good.

Once I got that nightmare of a polish on, I topcoated and got ready to stamp.  As I had planned, my silver went on like a dream and looked great. 

My mood was improving. Almost bedtime and all I had left to do was topcoat. So topcoat I did and started cleaning up my stuff so I could go to bed.  And then I looked down at my fingers to see if I needed any final cuticle cleanup.

Um, whose fingers are those?? That's not the mani I just did. I did blue with silver. What is this nonsense? I felt like I had taken more crazy pills than usual. Since when does topcoat manage to not only bleed colors but manage to do it by eating through the first layer of topcoat?

Then I took a peek at my bottle of topcoat and saw lovely blue swirls in it. Seriously?? Is this some kind of a joke? If it is, I ain't laughing. I had just refilled that bottle of Seche Vite, and now it has a slight blue tint to it. It probably won't make a difference when I use it, but that's not the point.

So yeah, Kleancolor. You can kiss this Queen B's royal ass. You are cheap, and your color evidently spreads, too....like a cheap ho. (my half-assed apologies if you're offended by that. But by now you should know you run the risk of me offending somebody.)

And that is my saga of the Kleancolor disaster.

Oh, and did I mention I actually love how it ultimately turned out? 

Because I do!!! LOL  


  1. Wow that puppie is gimungus! But still so cute! I've just screamed on FB and I'll scream again! Aaaaaaah! I love love this one! Ho of a polish or not I must have it! :-D

    1. Zero is the biggest pup at this point, over 17 pounds at 2 months. So yup, ginormous.
      It is a pretty polish, just make sure you shower AFTER you put it on. lol

  2. OH MY GOD I had a big ol' reply typed out and my browser deleted it. Summary:
    - I have that KC, I dont recall it being that tough to work with but the staining was shittyMcShitSHit
    - We have a showing tonight on our house. Keep your fingers crossed. The sooner we move, the sooner we can discuss getting Jake Jr. into his forever home ;)

    Love ya!

    1. ShittyMcShitShit is right.
      I'll cross my fingers for ya, but Jake is 9 weeks old now; I need him to find a home NOW! So if you want him, get a damn move on, woman!
      Love ya back!

  3. Hi there. These are GORGEOUS! Can you link to the stamp plate?

    1. Hi Corinne. Thanks. :)
      I purchased the Llarowe LeaLac A plate on llarowe.com. They are out of stock and have been for awhile. I'm hoping they get more of those and maybe make some new ones!