Monday, September 8, 2014


To those of you who have followed me for awhile, do you remember when I used to post almost every day?  I do! Now I'm squeezing in a mani and having to leave it on for over a week. To say I hate it would be a fantastical understatement.

As sad as it makes me to not do my nails, I'll be much sadder in a couple of weeks when the puppies move on to their fur-ever homes. I've teared up a few times already thinking about it, and knowing me (and I do), I'll cry for days, maybe longer, when they leave.

They are 7 weeks old today. They get bigger and fuzzier and cuter by the minute. I cannot believe how fast they grow!! I don't even carry them 2 at a time anymore. I won't torture you with a ton of pics, but here are a couple of recent ones before we get on to the mani.
 Not quite sure who won that tug of war.
 This is what I'm greeted by whenever I walk into the room.
 Nosy as hell!! I was emptying the dishwasher and turned around to see this. At one point one of them actually climbed all the way in.
How dare I take a shower. They swear they didn't do it, but I know they aren't as innocent as they look.
They make up for the brattiness when I catch them like this, all seven sound asleep in a bunch. Just effin' cute.

So last night while they were taking a snooze, I decided I would try to get my nails done. Usually right about the time I want to do it, they wake up and spoil all my plans.  Even though I managed to get them done, including my toes, a short time later when I went to play with them, one of them grabbed my damn big toe, bit down and actually snapped part of it off. Cute. 

The nail group color for the week is brown, and I was just bound and determined I would get something done for it.
Nubar Jewel, Sinful Colors Black on Black MoYou Sailor XL 06 stamp
I'm happy I took the time to do it, because I'm a fan. It seems I don't use brown very often. Geez, I only have 2 Helmer drawers of browns! 

This one is actually really holo in the sunlight, Nubar Jewel. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and the MoYou Sailor XL 06 plate for the stamp.

It all went on first try even though I didn't really make much of an attempt to center or match up the design from nail to nail. I really like the black over the brown.

Good thing because it's very possible I'll still be wearing it next week.


  1. Puppies are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the mani!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The cutest pics so far! Love the mani, browns are a fave of mine!