Friday, April 15, 2016


I do believe spring is finally here for real. Our weather for the next ten days or so is looking pretty good, 50's and even some 60 degree days. It definitely felt like spring while I was cleaning the house yesterday. Of course, it also felt a lot like spring a couple of weeks ago, and then we had a couple of big snowstorms. So who the hell knows. I remember it snowing on May 5, 1979, so anything is possible.

It was sunny and beautiful outside all day. It did take me about an hour longer than usual to clean the house because it seemed like every time I looked out the patio door or kitchen window, there was a cute bird to look at. 

First up was my female Cardinal. She's been hanging around a lot, so she must have a nest nearby again. She took off before I had time to get pics. He hubby was across the driveway in the trees, though, so I did manage to stare at him for a bit and get some pics. 

Next pass through the kitchen and there was a very pretty bright yellow Goldfinch, so I had to stop again to take pics. And lastly, I managed to catch a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the feeder. They are notoriously hard to me to catch in pics because they never seem to hang there for very long. I was very happy this one let me snap a few. So the birds pretty much made my day.

Now I just need my hummingbirds to come back.....I'm counting the days. My first sighting was May 6th last year, so it's getting close!

A couple of weeks ago the nail group decided on purple for the week. As always, my intentions to play along were good. I managed to do this mani but never got around to posting it.
Color Club Sweet Pea, Mundo de Unas Lilac, Uber Chic 8-01
The purple is Color Club Sweet Pea, and I used MdU Lilac with the Uber Chic 8-01 stamping plate.

I wasn't a big fan of this one. It's a nice purple; I just wasn't excited about the design I chose. 

Right now I'm wearing some water decals that I did last Sunday, and they are looking rough. They are going to come off, but I just cannot decide on what I want to do.

Feel free to telepathically send me some fantastic idea.


  1. This is very pretty. I also can't wait the hummingbirds. I just love them!

  2. Very pretty!!! I like it!!!