Sunday, April 17, 2016


Oh, yesterday felt so good! Sunny and probably at least 60 degrees out on my deck. Nothing feels better than the first time opening up the screen door and letting the fresh air inside after months of being closed up. It just makes a body feel good to breathe in.

The past week or so I was kind of stumped on stamping ideas. I recently bought a bunch of new nail foils and water decals on Ali Express, so I've been doing some playing with those.

This first mani I left on for a few days. It seemed cuter in the night time light when I did it. I was less pleased with it in broad daylight, but people that saw it seemed to like it.

Before placing the foils, I did a basecoat with Julep Janie.
Julep Janie, Ali Express nail foil
After that was dry and topcoated, I cut up specific sections of the foil pattern. One thing I'm noticing with all of the floral nail foils I bought is the fact that it takes some finagling to actually place them. In order to have any kind of halfway decent look, I did a lot of cutting up into usable pieces. If they were expensive, I'd complain about that, but they were super cheap. I also find that I rarely use any kind of foil more than once.

One nice thing about the floral type foils is the fact that topcoat has no negative effect.

Then Friday night when I was getting ready to do my nails, I thought I'd try this black and silver number.
This one required some slicing and dicing, too. It didn't really apply all that nicely. I was pleasantly surprised that using Seche Vite didn't hurt the silver part of these foils, either. But since I wasn't too happy with the whole look, I only did the one hand, took a pic and then took it off.

After I took it off, I did a stamped mani that I'll show in another post. I really was in the mood to do my nails last night, too, but I really like what I have on so I didn't touch them.

This morning some friends and I headed off to Christmas, Michigan for a slot tournament at the Kewadin Casino. We came home losers, but it was still fun. It was almost 80 degrees there. 

I probably should have just sat my ass in the parking lot and got a tan. It would have cost me less.

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