Friday, March 4, 2016


I guess at some point last weekend Baylee got a little carried away. On Sunday we noticed her left ear was completely swollen. She wasn't in any pain, but almost her entire ear flap was full of fluid. I'm not sure if she hurt it while playing with one of the pups or if she banged her head in the driveway. Her fave thing in the winter is to start walking down our downward sloping driveway, take a few quick steps as she dives face first onto the snow/ice, flip to her back and slide. Then she'll get up and do it again. It's hilarious to watch, and she thoroughly enjoys her self-propelled sledding action. We think it's possible that perhaps on one of her flips, she hit her ear on a hard spot of ice, causing it to swell.

Kev brought her to the vet on Monday, and they had to sedate her, cut her ear and insert a tube which she has to have in for 3 more weeks so the ear can continue to drain as needed. Our job is to massage it and keep her from injuring it or taking out the tube. Enter the "cone of shame". The plastic, huge cone the vet gave us lasted less than 24 hours. She kept walking into things with it and managed to break it. Twice. I ordered her a Comfy Cone from Amazon which got here today, and that is a much better size. 

At this point we only make her wear it to go outside to prevent her from sliding because she couldn't care less about that tube in her ear. She doesn't seem to even realize there's anything going on, which works out well because not once has she attempted to scratch that ear. As long as someone is home with her, we aren't forcing her to wear the cone. I'll be very surprised if the vet leaves the tube in for the full 3 1/2 weeks because there isn't really much draining going on at all. I guess we'll see what happens next week. She has doctor appointments for the next three Thursdays.

Tonight around 11 o'clock I decided to take off the Snail Vinyl mani. I had the other polish that Tyler bought me sitting here next to me so I decided to try that out.
Defy & Inspire Make it Work, Mundo de Unas  Mint, Bundle Monster & Nailstamp4fun BM-XL206
This is Target's Defy & Inspire Make it Work, which she basically purchased for me just for the name. We are huge Project Runway fans, and Tim Gunn is famous for saying "make it work". I love the names of these polishes; things like Toddlers and Tiaras, Big Brother, The Final Rose, Tribal Council....perfect for a reality tv junkie like me.

For the design I used one of my new Bundle Monster plates. This one is from the blogger collaboration with Nailstamp4fun, BM-XL206, and I used Mundo de Unas Mint.

I'm way happy with this whole thing. At some point I'm really going to have to get a bunch more of this Target brand polish because I'm in love with it. Tyler had Toddlers and Tiaras pink with her, and I was so hoping she'd forget to take it back home. I know there are at least six more that I want so the next time I'm near a Target, nothing is going to stop me.

Either that or I'm going to keep watching them online and hope for a sale. But I will have them one way or another.

Everyone should have a goal, right?


  1. This one is AMAZING...SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. the colors are perfect

  2. This one is AMAZING...SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. the colors are perfect