Sunday, March 6, 2016


Well, it's after 11:30 on Sunday night, and even though I should be smart and just go to bed, I figured I'd throw up a quick post.

We had a busier than normal kind of weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner and then to the casino with some friends. It was a very late night. I had already planned on making a big dinner on Saturday, and we invited those friends over to help eat it.

As I was cooking, I got a text from my older daughter saying they wanted to come over. They had come to town to go to a play and originally the plan was to go to her dad's, go to the play and then they were coming here and spending the night. But since they got bored waiting for play time, she headed over here with my granddaughter, my grandson and his girlfriend.

Before they were even in the door, our other friends arrived. After dinner, the kids headed out to the play and we spent a few hours visiting. Once they left, the kids came back, and it was time for Posh face masks and some game playing before finally going off to bed around 2:30 a.m.

For me, that is a whole lot of social interaction. I'm a "like to be alone" kind of person most of the time. I loved all of the company, but I was not sad to have several hours by myself tonight before going back to work tomorrow.

I did do my nails tonight, but the following mani is from weeks ago.
China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer, Mundo de Unas Sky Blue, Uber Chic 6-03 stamp
I'm not sure what inspired this mani, if anything. Mabes I was planning to wear a blue shirt to work? No clue. The light blue is China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer, and the stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Sky Blue and the Uber Chic 6-03 plate.

This would fall under the "it's okay" category. Nothing wrong with it; nothing spectacular about it. 

And now I guess I'll go figure out what I'm wearing to work tomorrow and get myself ready for bed. At the speed with which I normally get ready for bed, that should actually put me in bed in approximately 45 minutes.

I hate having to go to bed. I'm a firm believer in being awake for as many hours as possible every day.

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