Monday, February 22, 2016


What a lovely weekend it was. Kev somehow has managed to have every weekend off this month, which is very rare and very nice. Saturday we decided to have a date night, which is also very rare and very nice.

First up, the movies. We seldom go simply because for most films, I'm perfectly content to watch them from the comfort of my own home when they hit either pay per view or one of the premium channels. Then there are those movies that are just better on the big screen. This time it was Deadpool. Loved it. 

After that we went out to dinner. I'm always up for a steak even though I wasn't really all that hungry after eating popcorn. I did manage to eat all of it, though. Kev ordered a pizza with the intent of having leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a great plan since he only ate three pieces. He brought the box into the bar area with him and then left it behind. So no lunch for him.

From there we went home to the dogs, fed them, hung out for a bit and then headed out to the casino where we promptly lost our asses. We should have stayed home. It was fun, though!

I also managed to clean out my makeup drawer and the cupboards in our bathroom this weekend, too, so I managed to feel productive as well as just having some fun.

A few posts ago I showed you the blue holo I had gotten from Julep, Tali. It's a great polish so I ordered a couple more of their holos.

First one I decided to try was this one, Viv.
Julep Viv holo, Essie Good as Gold, Dana 10
Once again, a beautiful polish. But what a complete nightmare. I was not having a good polish evening and between bumping a couple of them and some dog hair jumping on a couple, I had to start over again on several nails.

And that's when the trouble started. OMG. I've never seen such green fingers in all my life. I was horrified. When I was finally finished stamping with Essie Good as Gold and the Dana 10 plate, I spent another half hour trying to get rid of the disgusting mess on my fingers.

By the time I got done scrubbing with a toothbrush, first using toothpaste and then using baking soda, I still had quite the green tint going on. Except now I had sore fingers to go along with it.

I finally gave up and planned for some extra work in the shower the next morning. I used a ton of Julep exfoliating hand scrub and was finally satisfied that I could go to work not looking like the Grinch.

It took me two showers before I was comfortable enough with them to even take a photograph. It's a pretty polish, but I'm pretty disappointed with it because of the staining. I know I've had problems in the past with Kleancolor polishes staining, but I was not expecting that to happen here. 

Pretty annoying and certainly took the fun out of doing my nails that night. So I'm not recommending this one to anybody unless you are the perfect painter that never makes a mistake causing a do-over.

And that is certainly and obviously not me.


  1. Their polish Lena stains like that too. Pity, because that is my name. ;)

    1. I don't have that one, so thanks for that tip. I'll make sure to not buy it. It's so disappointing when a polish does that.