Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I am officially ready for winter to be over. We had a week of brutal cold, and now that it has "warmed" up to the 20's, it snowed. Of course it did; Kev left this morning. I was silently begging Mother Nature to make it stop because my happy ass did not want to shovel after work. It did stop, but I did shovel on my lunch hour.

While Valentine's Day is just another day in February at my house, I did actually wear heart mani's last week. I don't need a February 14th holiday because I'm lucky enough to have a husband that lets me know every single day that he loves me. Sappy, but true. He is just that good.

So these are the two half-assed nods I gave to the holiday. They don't even matter enough to have their own posts.
Sally Hansen Color Foil Chrome Copper, MdU Black, Dana 2 stamping plate
This one was weird. I did two coats of Sally Hansen Color Foil Rose Copper, which looked quite pink when I put it on. Then when I put topcoat on it, it completely changed the color to a sickly not-quite-gold. I took it all off and started over. I then used this heart pattern from the Dana 2 stamping plate with my Mundo de Unas Black. 


I will say I was pleasantly surprised that nothing chipped off, even without a topcoat.

Before that, I had also done this mani that I wore for a couple of days.
Fresh Paint Shake it Off, Mundo de Unas Velvet, Uber Chic 1-01 stamp
We had just gotten back from Illinois and my buying spree, so I used Fresh Paint Shake it Off for the pink base. I used Mundo de Unas Velvet and the Uber Chic 1-01 plate for the hearts.

I bought the Fresh Paint at a Five Below store, and they were 3 for 5 bucks. I do own a few of those from a previous trip but have forgotten how much I like them. If I had remembered, I think I would have bought at least one of every Fresh Paint polish they had. I really love their formula, and you just can't beat a price like that.

That's my "note to self" for next time I'm near a Five Below which I assume won't be until the next time I go to Tyler's. So yeah, I'm guessing February 2017.

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