Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Somebody should have let my stomach know that the egd says my ulcers have healed. I spent most of the weekend sick, in pain and on the verge of throwing up. Maybe I picked up a bug at the hospital. All I know is I was miserable.

That stopped me from leaving the house in the pouring rain, but I got a lot done in spite of it. I wrapped everything I had (of course I now have tons more to wrap), did the laundry, soaked off my nails and reapplied them. I even decided to risk throwing my tulle and lace shower curtain in the washing machine because I couldn't figure out a decent way to hand wash it. I was very happy that it came out beautifully clean, undamaged and with no wrinkles. Whew! 

My new camera came yesterday. Holy-moly that is a lot of camera for me to figure out. I need my how-to book for dummies to get here. It definitely seems to photograph beautifully with truer color than my old camera. I told Kev I need to paint my nails purple as soon as I have time. That'll be the true test! 

We also went looking for a new couch last night. I figured we'd probably have to order one, but they had one in the store that we liked. It's being delivered on Thursday morning, so new couch for me for Christmas! Now I have to decide whether or not I want to try to teach the dogs to stay off of it. That is a much bigger decision than it seems. I know I'm going to feel like a real shit-heel if I don't let them lay on it. But I also know that the only reason I even needed a new couch is because I let the dogs go on it. 'Tis a dilemma. 

Anywho, here's a mani I did last Monday. It's been hard to even think about doing winter mani's or Christmas nails when the only thing we've seen so far is rain. Craziest, warmest December I can remember.
OPI Russian Navy, Mundo de Unas Black, Uber Chic 6-03 stamp
I wore an argyle sweater in these colors so I was very matchy that day. The base is OPI Russian Navy and I stamped with Mundo de  Unas Turquoise and the Uber Chic 6-03 plate.

This one stayed on for a couple of days. After awhile I was just tired of looking at that lighter blue. It didn't seem so bad when I was wearing the matching sweater but didn't look so great with anything else I wore.

And of course, I'm sure people were just horrified that it didn't match!! 

Nope! Only I was.


  1. Love it!!! Sorry you didn't feel good AGAIN... you've been sick so much lately :( As for the couch... I HOPE you got LEATHER!!!??? Dogs ON the couch... so you have to get a new one every 10 or 15 years... let them ON! :)

    1. Nope. We didn't get leather. I couldn't find one I liked. So letting dogs ON is the secret to getting new furniture? LOL

  2. Wow what the color!? I love it!!!