Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's been over a week since I even thought about blogging. I'm just not feeling it lately. Of course, I did have family home for Thanksgiving, company on Saturday and other stuff going on, so that probably contributes to my absence.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving holiday weekend was at least half as nice as mine. I was happy to have Tyler, Griffin and Zero at the house from Wednesday to Sunday. On Saturday, Seven came over to play with Zero, and her family brought pizza, some extraordinarily delightful pudding shots and a homemade banana cake. I can't complain when I get good company plus good eats. Even Kevin was home for the entire time, and he managed to get a great schedule for December so he'll miss none of the holidays this year.

Thanksgiving was spent at my mom's. Every year my sister and I make the offer to take it over, but she insists she wants to do it as long as she's able. She turned 87 in September, and she is still rocking it. I'm so lucky to still have her around and in good health. The food was great, as always, and I ate way too much. As always. I was miserably full when I went home.

Before Kev left to go back to work on Sunday I had him bring in some of the Christmas bins from the garage. My plan is to clean the house today after work and get the majority of the decorating done. Kev is gone until next Monday, and I didn't want to wait that long to get started. The tree will go up on Tuesday while he's around to help with that. I'm hoping the decorations will finally get me in the holiday mood because I really do need to start shopping.

I have been doing nails every few days, but I'm still focusing on knitting. I have one sleeve and the hood left to knit on the second sweater. The first sweater now has a new home with Tyler, which is pretty much what I figured would happen. 

I'm not even sure when I did this one.
Orly Decoded, Zoya Kristen, Stampaholic 2 stamping plate
I started with a base of Orly Decoded and then used Zoya Kristen and the Stampaholic 2 plate that I recently received from a specialty group buy.

In looking at this now in the picture, I like it more than I thought I did while I was wearing it. That makes no sense whatsoever, but it's a fact.

I'm not sure if nails will get done at all for the rest of the week. I'll be cleaning and decorating, and I've decided to steal Razzie for the weekend. Tonya will drop him off on Friday and pick him up on Sunday. I needed a Razzie fix so I'm happy she's letting me take him just for the fun of it. I'll have to see if Seven wants to come over to play with this brother, too.

I love having "puppies" I can steal every so often. Even if they aren't little anymore, it's still just the best being able to keep my connection with them.