Sunday, July 17, 2016


My entire last week has been just getting ready for the puppies and waiting for the puppies. Her first due date was on Friday, and on Monday we took her to the vet to have an x-ray, hoping it would show us the number of pups. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit disappointed at the x-ray because it only showed us 6 puppies. We left the vet and came home and hoped that maybe there were 1 or 2 pups hiding.

I started keeping track of Tinlee's temperature over the next few days, knowing that once it dropped to around 98, I could plan on puppies arriving in 12 to 24 hours. Finally on Friday at 5 p.m. I took her temp and it was 98.2. I immediately took it again to be sure, and then the waiting began.

The whole rest of the evening she did a whole lot of panting and was just generally uncomfortable. I spent my night trying to sleep in the recliner (trying being the operative word), and when I wasn't in the chair, I was sitting in the whelping box with her. She did the same thing with her last litter. When Kev got up, I went to bed for a couple of hours but then got back up to continue the waiting. I kept telling Kev he should go golfing because I thought he had plenty of time to do that. 

He finally decided late in the afternoon that he would go golfing. He literally said, "If we want her to have puppies, I probably should try to golf." He made it to the second hole of the course when I messaged him to come home because she was having contractions. 

I was delivering the first pup when he walked in the door 15 minutes later. Things went very smoothly and pretty quickly from that point. Her first pup was born at 4:56 p.m., and the last was born at 7:24 p.m. I'm happy to present Golden Grahams Diamond Dogs (a/k/a The Bowie Litter). My daughter again got to name the litter, and the pup's names are China Girl, Queen B, Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Starman and LDB (short for Little Drummer Boy).

 So here's just two quick shots of these precious little bundles.
 I couldn't resist this shot of puppy butts.
We are in love.

Right now my Custom Nails are off since I removed them when Tinlee's temp dropped. I wanted my nails short in case of any birthing problems. I'll probably put them back on later tonight or tomorrow. Right now I'm too tired to care.

I did this radial gradient awhile back.
Square Hue Kewpies and Tomorrowland, Sinful Colors Rose Dust, radial gradient, Cult El Porto, Uber Chic 9-01
I use Square Hue Kewpies, Square Hue Tomorrowland and Sinful Colors Rose Dust for the gradient. I wanted a soft white stamping so I used Cult El Porto with a floral pattern from Uber Chic 9-01.

I was a fan of this one. I didn't even do too badly of a job centering the design. I don't remember if I used a clear stamper on this one or not. Lordie, I really am suffering from brain fry from lack of sleep.

Now I'm off to the puppy pen. The little stinkers were born needing their toenails clipped, so I'm going to deal with that. I'm sure over the next 8 weeks I'll post puppy pics. My live puppy cam is also up and running over on Ustream and you can find it here. I usually turn that on as soon as I think of it in the morning and leave it on until I go to bed at night. 

They'll be much more fun to watch a few weeks from now when they're running around. Guaranteed.


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    1. They really are pretty darn adorable.

  2. God Bless them. Everyone is so beautiful. How I wish I could play with them. Please give each one a kiss.

    1. I will happily smooch them for ya!! :)