Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I guess it's now officially safe to say that summer is over. Last night dropped down into the 30's. It has warmed up to about 60, but it looks like the cooldown has begun. I even remote started my car this morning so I wouldn't freeze on my way to work. 

I've even started wearing socks around the house again. I'm still barefoot in my shoes at work, though, as I fight the urge to start wearing boots. This time of year I never know what the hell to wear. Most of my sweaters are too warm for this weather, but most of my other stuff is too summery. Too cold for sandals; not cold enough for boots. It's that weird in-between weather, and my closet isn't filled with in-between clothes. Such big problems, right?

This mani I did when I was stuck at home after surgery. I don't remember if I did a complete mani or if I was just playing and did one hand.
Color Club Blue Ming, Mundo de Unas Dark Gray, Dana10 stamp
The light green is Color Club Blue Ming. Anytime I grab this one I wonder why it's called that. This polish is not blue by any stretch of the imagination. It's friggin' green. The end. I topped it with Mundo de Unas Dark Gray using the Dana 10 stamping plate.

Actually, I think I might have just been playing that day because my Dana stamping plates arrived. Lord knows I wasn't going anywhere. If you're looking for a nice set for cheap, I would suggest grabbing them.  $12.00 with free shipping is a great price for ten plates. Just sayin'.

If you buy them, instead of blaming me for "making" you spend money, I think you should thank me because it's such a small amount this time.


  1. Hey Hun I have long nails as well and was wondering if you could suggest any plates with single images that are pretty big because I'm always using buffet style plates because of the fact. Thanks in advance :)

    1. I tend to not use single image very often, so I am always on the lookout for large full images. I like MoYou and Bundlemonster, both of which have XL. DRK makes some great plates, too.