Monday, August 11, 2014


Let me make one thing clear; these puppies are a G.D. blast and a half. My brain could explode from cuteness at any given moment of the day, and I feel like my camera has become a permanent attachment because every time I look, they are either laying cute or doing something cuter.

Here's some proof.

This light blue ribbon boy is Zero, my daughter's pup. Apparently he is a contortionist. How that position is comfortable is known only to him.
 I bought this 22 inch stuffed dog on eBay. It is a ginormous hit!
So yeah....cuteness overload.

After 3 weeks, though, I'm missing having nail time. I'm very disappointed to just be posting a plain mani. The horror!! And after I took this one off, I painted them plain again to go out for our anniversary on Friday. It's so boring I didn't even bother taking a pic of that one.

I did feel the need to share this one. It's I Love Nail Polish's (ILNP) Washing Ashore. It's sold as one of the multichromes.
ILNP Washing Ashore
I'm calling bullshit in a big way. It looks nothing like their swatches on their website.  That being said, it is a gorgeous color. 

But multichrome? No way in hell. It's not even a duochrome. I looked at it in every possible light source around. You name it; I tried it. I even put my hand under water in my sinks AND in my pool.  Let's call it what it is, A very pretty shade of blue, but it's blue.

And therein lies my second disappointment.  I love a multi or duo chrome madly and have been very happy with the others I've gotten from them. I'm calling this one a fail, ILNP. A big ol' fashioned fail.

Luckily I liked the color enough to wear it for a bunch of days. On my days off I've been very lucky that the weather has been awesome, so all of my spare time has been completely eaten up by the pool and the puppies. And that puppy time is only going to get more hectic now that they are 3 weeks old.

Since my Facebook page is public, if you want to see cute-ass puppy videos, hop on over there. Just do a search for Diane Moran Graham, and it'll take you to my personal page. The videos are all short, and they are all simply too cute for words. 

And of course they are still being streamed live on my Ustream channel, "Tinlee's Golden Retriever Pups".  The live stream will become much more fun to watch very soon, as I'll be letting them play outside of the pen more and will bring them outside for their first taste of the outdoors before too long.

All in all, while I do miss doing my nails constantly, puppy time still trumps nail time. I only have them for 6 more weeks, and one of those weeks I'll be in Cancun missing them. The week after we come home, they'll all be going to their fur-ever homes.

Well, maybe they will be. I still have 2 boys and 1 girl looking for someone to love them besides me and Kev.


  1. Agh, I thought I was the only one! I agree about the no multichrome thing. I was so disappointed that I ended up giving it away. Also mine looks so much darker than the ILNP website, even without undies. (That being said, I'm going to preorder as many of the ILNP fall collection as I can afford in a few weeks...because.)

    And good heavens, those puppies are out of control adorable. Too cute!!!

    1. Oh, I am SO happy to not be the only one. Of course most of the reviews on their website are great, although a few complained about how the color is so much darker than their pics. I do normally love their polish, though, and I'm sure I'll buy more at some point. I try not to look. lol

  2. Blue? It looks GREEN! :) I love green! haha But, like you... I LOVE PUPPIES MOST!!!! Love them while you can!!!

    1. I AM loving them. Of course, they just keep getting cuter.

  3. I like! It does look like a plain metallic though. Gonna go check out the puppies on the stream! I need some cheering up this morn...

    1. I like it, too, but wish it was what they advertised it to be. Oh, well.
      Puppies are good cheerer-uppers. :)